3 Bad Habits that Keep Roofing Businesses from Growing

3 Bad Habits that Keep Roofing Businesses from Growing

These are the 3 bad habits that keep roofing businesses from growing. 1. Failing to retain top talent If you’ve been in this industry for a while, you know that retaining top talent is a major challenge. It’s not uncommon to hire a salesperson who seems like the perfect fit, only to have them struggle […]

How Much Do Roofing Companies Make Per Roof?

How much do roofing companies make per roof

Is a roofing business profitable? How much profit do roofing companies make? How much do roofing companies make per roof? These are common questions if you want to start and run your own roofing company. So here’s a guide to tell you about the roofing business’s profitability and how you can scale that up to continually grow […]

7 Memorable Roofing Business Cards: Examples and Ideas

Memorable Roofing Business Cards Examples and Ideas

Business cards are an essential part of marketing your roofing company. They have a significant influence on the way people remember you. There are many options for creating and designing your business card, from free websites to custom graphic designers and agencies. In this blog, we’ll provide some examples and ideas of some of the […]

Roofing Contractor Insurance: Everything Contractors Need to Know

Roofing Contractor Insurance

Roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. There are many inherent risks involved, which is why contractors must really arm themselves with roofing contractor insurance to protect their business and their workers. There are various types of insurance policies available for roofing contractors. If you are new to the roofing […]

The Only Roofing Estimate Template You’ll Ever Need

The Only Roofing Estimate Template You’ll Ever Need

A roofing estimate is one of the most crucial steps in planning and executing your next roofing project. A well-crafted roofing estimate template allows you to more accurately cost out the project, which will help determine whether or not your clients have the financial capacity to pay for it. If you are a roofing contractor […]

How to Start a Roofing Company (With No Experience)

Starting a roofing business

Want to start a roofing business but have no experience? You can! Preparation is the key. Roofing is a profitable industry, but there are many things you need to consider before starting. What do you need to start a roofing company? Where should you begin? What documents should you prepare? To help you, here’s a […]