Reputation Management Guide for Roofers

The Ultimate Reputation Management Guide for Roofers

Your roofs withstand hail, your ladders scale dizzying heights, and your team nails it — literally. But let’s talk about something that doesn’t get enough attention: Reputation Management

Does your online reputation hit the same high notes as your on-the-job excellence? No? Then, keep reading. 

This is the ultimate reputation management guide for roofers and roofing businesses. Let’s get that reputation as solid as your roofing installs.

Why Does Reputation Management Even Matter for Roofers?

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Yep, people do that to you, too — especially when they need a leak fixed ASAP! 

Nearly 90% of consumers read online reviews before making a buying decision. For roofers, that’s basically a goldmine. 

A solid online reputation equates to more contracts and a thicker bottom line. Don’t leave that to chance.

How Do You Start Managing Your Reputation?

Look, this isn’t rocket science; it’s even better. 

It’s business survival! 

First, audit your online presence. Scour Google reviews, Yelp, and even Facebook recommendations

Know what people say about you

It’s the first step to steering the conversation.

Where to Focus Your Energy

You can’t manage your reputation if you don’t know where it lives. Home in on:

  • Google Business Profile;
  • Yelp;
  • Local Directories;
  • Social Media channels.

Damage Control: Turn That Frown Upside Down

So you’ve got a couple of bad reviews. 

It happens. 

What next? 

Respond. Always respond. 

But be smart. 

Thank the reviewers for their input and take the conversation offline

A bad review is an opportunity to improve your customer service.

The Timing Game

Ever heard, “Timing is everything”? In reputation management, it’s no different. 

Reply to reviews — good or bad — within 24 to 48 hours


It shows you care. It’s that simple.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Roofing Reputation Management for Roofers

  • Do: Ask satisfied customers to leave a review.
  • Don’t: Get into online fights.
  • Do: Use SEO best practices when responding to reviews.
  • Don’t: Ignore a negative review.

Keywords You Can’t Ignore

Pepper your responses and listings with relevant keywords like “roofing,” “roof repair,” and “best roofers.” 

It doesn’t just look good; it’s great for SEO.

Metrics Don’t Lie

If you’re not measuring, you’re just playing the game blindfolded. Keep an eye on metrics like:

  • Review Volume;
  • Ratings;
  • Response Rate.

The Real Impact of Reviews

According to a study by Harvard Business School, a one-star increase on Yelp leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue. Now, who can ignore that?

Also, a 2018 study by Womply shows businesses that reply to at least 25% of their reviews earn nearly 35% more revenue

That’s the sort of ROI that should get any business owner salivating.

The Anatomy of a Great Review

Reviews can make or break you, but what really makes a review great?

For roofers, a great review doesn’t just say “good job.” 

It talks about:

  • Timeliness;
  • Professionalism;
  • Quality of work;
  • Communication.

The Art of Soliciting Roofing Reviews

Don’t wait for reviews to happen. Go out there and ask for them, but do it right. 

Shoot a quick email after a project is done. 

Consider leaving a card with the invoice that encourages satisfied customers to leave a review. 

Timing here is everything. Strike while the iron is hot!

Beware of Fake Reviews

But not all that glitters is gold. Fake reviews are out there, and they can harm your reputation. 

Platforms like Google and Yelp have algorithms to detect these, but some may slip through the cracks. 

Always report them, and never consider getting fake reviews to boost your ratings. 

It’s not just bad karma; it’s bad for business.

SEO and Reputation: The Dynamic Duo

SEO isn’t just about driving traffic to your website

For roofers, local SEO can literally put you on the map. 

And guess what? Reviews are a ranking factor.

Google Business Profile: Your New Best Friend

If you’re not on Google Business Profile, you’re invisible. 

Get verified and encourage reviews there

You can respond to reviews, post updates, and appear in local Google searches. 

It’s like free advertising!

The “Near Me” Phenomenon

Think about it. When people need a roofer, they’re not just searching “best roofers.” 

They’re searching “best roofers near me.” 

Local SEO capitalizes on this. 

Ensure your location is precise in all online profiles to cash in on these high-intent searches.

The Importance of Consistency: It’s More than Just Nails and Shingles

You can’t control what people say about you, but you can control the information out there. 

Ensure your business name, phone number, and address are consistent across all platforms.

Your Website, Your Rules

Don’t underestimate the power of testimonials on your own site

It’s a controlled environment where you can highlight the good stuff. 

Get video testimonials, if possible, and display them proudly. 

It’s like the cherry on top of your online reputation sundae.

Let’s Get Social: Reputation Management for Roofers in the Age of Memes

Facebook and Instagram — they’re not just for cute dog pics. 

Social media platforms are another avenue where people talk about their experiences.

Insta-Worthy Projects

Share pictures of completed projects

Got a before-and-after that’s jaw-dropping? Share it! 

Use relevant hashtags to make them easy to find. 

It’s all about generating positive buzz.

Handle Negative Comments Like a Pro

If someone complains about your service on social media, respond like you would with a bad review

Take it offline and resolve it. No need for public spats.

Don’t Let Your Reputation Be an Afterthought

Ready to take the next step in mastering your online reputation? 

Book a call with Business 411, and let’s get started. 

What is Business 411?

We live and breathe reputation management for roofers at Business 411.

Our mission is to ensure home service providers like you turn their dream companies into reality.

We create your brand, attract new clients, and train your team. 

Your reputation is part of this package deal: we have the tools to make you shine.

So, are you ready to kick your online reputation into high gear? Let’s chat.

Your future five-star reviews are waiting.

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