How to Start a Roofing Company (With No Experience)

Want to start a roofing business but have no experience? You can! Preparation is the key. Roofing is a profitable industry, but there are many things you need to consider before starting.

To help you, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start a roofing company!

business plan for roofers

Start with a Business Plan


If you want to start a roofing company successfully, create a strong business plan that clearly outlines your business information, its vision and mission, the services you’ll offer, and the target market. 

Clearly defining these from the start will help provide a clear direction of where your business is going.

This is also the stage where you choose the name of your roofing business. Having the right name is crucial if you want to stand out from other roofing companies in the area, so make sure to choose a catchy and memorable name. 

Many roofing business name generators can help you, such as and

how much does it cost to start a roofing company

Establish the Costs and Pricing of starting a Roofing Company


A roofing business requires a significant initial investment up front to operate, so you should know beforehand how much it would cost to prepare accordingly. 

Hire an accountant to help you map out the cost of everything, including the following:

Once you’ve determined the costs, it’s time to establish your pricing. Since you’ve already identified the services you’ll offer and the corresponding expenses needed to operate, set a price for each service. 

Consider checking your competitor’s pricing list so you’ll have a reference. That is essential to starting a roofing company successfully.

Comply with Roofing Legal Requirements to start a roofing company

Comply with Roofing Legal Requirements


Complying with the legalities is perhaps one of the most critical steps to starting your own roofing business to avoid penalties and legal consequences later. 

Register your business and get the authorization you need to operate. You can either register as a sole proprietor or a Limited Liability Company (LLC). 

Then apply to the IRS so you can obtain a tax identification number that you can use to open bank accounts and pay taxes for your business. 

Then apply for a license. Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding licensing. Make sure to check with your state’s licensing board regarding the requirements and the process. 

And don’t forget the insurance! It is crucial for starting a roofing company. It protects you, your business, your employees, and your customers. 

Here are some of the insurances you may want to consider getting:

Pro-tip: hire a lawyer to guide you on the legalities of how to start a roofing business.

Tools equipments for roofer

Invest in facilities, tools, and equipment


The proper facilities, tools, and equipment are crucial to start your roofing business. But that doesn’t mean you need to purchase or rent a commercial office immediately. 

You can set up and operate your business in your spare room, garage, and even in the basement. Do the following:

What you need to start a roofing company:


Purchase the necessary tools and equipment you’ll need for the roofing job. It doesn’t have to be new. You can buy second-hand items so long as they still work and can do the job right. 

Here are some of the things you may need:

Don’t forget to canvass your area for potential suppliers for your roofing materials. That is vital in starting a roofing company successfully. 

Establish a network and try to get deals. Some suppliers will offer discounts if you buy in bulk. Go with a supplier that best fits your needs.


Recruit Wisely


Having the right people on your team is essential to the success of your roofing business. Recruit those who have at least some knowledge about roofing. 

If you can find experienced roofers, much better. Carefully check credentials and hire only the best. Retain only those who can contribute to the overall success of the business. 

branding to start a roofing business

Build Your Roofing Brand

Building your brand is crucial in starting a roofing company. Build it on your business’s core values, vision, and mission, and bring them to life using strategies and campaigns to generate awareness of your business and create a lasting impression in your target market.

Develop a logo, create a website, and print business cards and pamphlets. Set up and increase your social media presence to reach more audiences. 

Just make sure to develop a brand voice so that the way your business “speaks” is consistent from platform to platform. 

Pro-tip: Consult and hire a branding and marketing agency to help build your brand.

Market Your Business

The key to running a roofing business is creating a strategy to sell your services. 

Your business performance depends on how well you sell. So ensure there is a comprehensive sales strategy for your business. 

Promote and generate leads. Explore search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to make your business discoverable to people near you. 

You can send a team out to go door to door and distribute some flyers and pamphlets. Also, partner with industry experts to get referrals.

Need help starting a roofing company?

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